"Personality isn't about how you look, but how you present yourself"

Adnan Siddiqui,
Founder & CEO,
Habbinson International

Success Stories

Throughout the learning process, I learned a variety of techniques that brought a revolutionary change in the way I perceive the world. 

My mentor, Mr. Adnan Siddiqui guided me throughout to develop and enhance my personality. He was like a catalyst who brought in me a ‘Wind of Change’ by helping me to learn how to make a resume, be more interactive during your interviews, deliver impactful speeches, be more participative during group discussions, focus more on my voice modulations, etc.

I thank him for his immeasurable support that shaped me into a better person by helping me to ‘Fit in by Standing Out’.

Young Alphas

For Age 6-12 years

12 Modules
36 hours / 3 months

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The world is changing at the speed of light. If a child doesn’t change with this changing world, then he will be changed. There was a time when being only good with books got you through school. What happened after school? After school, you entered into the REAL WORLD.

Traditional schools failed to teach you the art of being successful. If subject knowledge is the only focal point of being successful, then no MNCs or organizations would conduct interviews. Just degree certificates would speak a lot. Why do successful companies have a stricter candidate evaluation process? Because, the art of being successful lies in the art of behavior, the art of leadership, the art of personality, the art of body language, the art of being optimistic, the art of narration, and so on…. 

This art is learned in childhood when your personality is being framed. Hence, we offer specially tailored courses for your child to make him the person he’s capable of becoming. 

Course Structure

Every word means something and it is up to the speaker in what context to use that word. We teach you how to extract and impart positivity from every word you use. When you enter the real world, people will perceive you as an optimist and not just a pessimist. 

  • Brings out positivity in every word you see
  • Amplifies your Vocabulary
  • Encourages spontaneous thinking

How will your child react to an emergency? Don’t you think he should be prepared with a specified reaction to every emergency in life? Don’t you think he should think on his feet? 

  • This course develops real life problem solving skills
  • Enhances thinking abilities
  • Motivates the child to know more about the REAL WORLD

How many times has it happened that your child is really good at something but can’t express it in a group. Does this inability stall your child’s growth? Yes, it definitely does. In this module we help your child express himself and teach him group etiquettes. This module will consist of a practical group discussion with children in and around your age group.

This module will:

  • Enhance power of expression
  • Build up confidence

It’s all about how your child looks at things, perceive them, and present his thoughts. Picture Perception does exactly this for you. It will:

  • Bring in clarity of thought
  • Improve imagination power
  • Enhance story building and delivery

Do you think making a PPT and presenting it is only for MBAs? If yes, then why do you, parents, sit up all night and make chart papers for your child? Chart papers are also an outdated form of presentation. This module will: 

  • Teach you to make a PPT and present it with confidence
  • Teach you how to mould your presentation according to the crowd

Humans are nothing but creatures of habit. It’s our habits that make us what we are today. This module will teach you to how to build winning habits and break losing ones. 

Learn the art of presenting your thoughts in a well structured manner, with confidence and persuasion in front of a crowd. This module will consist of a practical application of Public Speaking where you will have to speak in front of a crowd for 3mins. 

Everyone has a story. But can everyone deliver their life stories in a manner which engages the audience? No. This is an art. Learn it from the best of the story tellers. 

Anyone can be brilliant at an individual task as the only one you need to handle is yourself. But does the world work that way? No. In the REAL WORLD you need to be socially smart and make friends quicker than anyone. 

Learn the art of making friends and keeping them for life. 

There is writing and there is Persuasive Writing. Writing is about expressing your thoughts. Persuasive writing is about convincing the reader that your thoughts are right. You do this by extracting real life examples which are relative. Learn how to do this in this module. 

Confidence – I can do it

Over Confidence – Only I can do it

Arrogance – No one else can do it

Learn how to be confident without being the other two

Leaders don’t rule. They are followed. 

Learn how to be a leader and lead with confidence, humility, and modesty. 


By the end of the course your child:

  • Will be more positive
  • Have an amplified vocabulary
  • Will be more expressive
  • Will have less hesitation and shyness

In one word, your child will be TRANSFORMED!

Your Mentors

Mr. Adnan Siddiqui

Founder & CEO, Habbinson International; former Personality Trainer to the soldiers of the Defense Forces of India.

Mechanical Engineer from MIT; MBA from PUMBA, Pune University


Ms. Aisha Siddiqui

Head Child Psychologist & Teacher, Habbinson International; Specializes in identifying and bridging learning gaps in children; Teacher and mentor to hundreds of students worldwide.

B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed from Pune University

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