"You don't need to be the best. You just need to be better than the rest.​"

Make it to your dream company by getting an edge over other candidates by being trained by CXOs, HRs & Personality Trainers of the Defense Forces.​

Corporate Alphas

For Age 18-25 years

6 Modules
3 Hours

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Key Learnings

  1. Playing to your strengths in the interview process
  2. Negotiating for a better package
  3. Using the moral authority frame
  4. Corporate expectations from CXOs of top companies
  5. To subtly show off Technical knowledge
  6. The skill of transforming same answers for different questions
  7. The trick to passing Psychometric assessments by the HRs

Course Structure

Why are only a few resumes shortlisted and others not? Don’t others also have the same education, marks, and experience? Yes, they do. But they lack the power to express themselves crisply. They end up writing paragraphs about themselves which are not required. 

In this module, learn the art of making winning resumes

Do you think interviews are only about technical knowledge? No. The fact that you have a degree proves that you have the knowledge. 

Interviews are about presenting that knowledge in a complete package. 

In this module learn to:




How many times has it happened that you are really good at something but can’t express it in a group. Does this inability stall your growth? Yes, it definitely does. In this module we help you express yourself and teach you group etiquettes. This module will consist of a practical group discussion with corporates in your field.

This module will:

  • Enhance power of expression
  • Build up confidence

Interviews and GDs are the second phase of your job seeking process. The first phase is to get noticed on social media and conveying to the recruiter that you’re the best candidate for the job. How do you do that?

You do that by taking this course. In this module learn:

  • To widen your network on Linkedin and other social media
  • To make your profile noticeable

Now you’re noticed on social media, your resume is shortlisted and you are called for an interview. How do you subtly tell the recruiters that you’re the best person for the job? You do that by telling them that you know more about their company than them. How do you that? You do that by taking this course. In this course learn to:

  • Understand the company and it’s objectives
  • Read the annual report and the financial statements

This is the last module of the course where we focus more on delivery than the content. In this module learn:

  • To control your nerve while speaking in public
  • To portray yourself as a humble and modest leader
  • Build the confidence that matters



  1. Better Body Language
  2. Resume making 
  3. Digital literacy
  4. Increased Confidence in Public Speaking
  5. The clarity in your thoughts and speech
  6. Increased convincing and expressing ability

Your Mentors

Mr. Adnan Siddiqui

Founder & CEO, Habbinson International; former Personality Trainer to the soldiers of the Defense Forces of India.

Mechanical Engineer from MIT; MBA from PUMBA, Pune University


Ms. Aisha Siddiqui

Head Child Psychologist & Teacher, Habbinson International; Specializes in identifying and bridging learning gaps in children; Teacher and mentor to hundreds of students worldwide.

B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed from Pune University


Participation Certificate

Be recognized by Habbinson International everywhere you go


A chance to be interviewed by the CEO of Habbinson International. If you pass, you secure an internship. This will be tough.


A chance to work directly with the CEO of Habbinson International, the top Personality Development company

You Still Think It's Not The Right Time To Start Preparing For Your Interview Process?

There was a man, Beta, who thought the same, see what happened!

He slept under the moon,

He basked beneath the sun, 

He lived a life of going to do

And died with nothing done.

Don't be Beta. Be a CORPORATE ALPHA

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