We bridge the gap between school education & real life problem solving skills by transforming your child's cognitive and perception abilities and guiding your child to THINK POSITIVELY, CONVEY CONFIDENTLY, AND CONVINCE OBJECTIVELY

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Success Stories

Throughout the learning process, I learned a variety of techniques that brought a revolutionary change in the way I perceive the world. 

My mentor, Mr. Adnan Siddiqui guided me throughout to develop and enhance my personality. He was like a catalyst who brought in me a ‘Wind of Change’ by helping me to learn how to make a resume, be more interactive during your interviews, deliver impactful speeches, be more participative during group discussions, focus more on my voice modulations, etc.

I thank him for his immeasurable support that shaped me into a better person by helping me to ‘Fit in by Standing Out’.

Be A Young Alpha
(Age 6-12)

Word Association

Learn How To Extract Positivity From Every Word

Situation Reaction

Learn How To React To Real Life Situations

Group Discussion

Learn How To Speak In A Group​

Picture Perception

Learn To Extract Positivity From Everything You See​


Learn The Art Of Making A PPT And Presenting It With Confidence

Habit Building

Learn How to Build Winning Habits And Break Losing Ones​

Public Speaking

Learn How To Deliver Remarkable Speeches

Story Telling

Life Is A Story. Learn To Make & Deliver Them

Social Smartness

Learn To Make Friends Quickly

Persuasive Writing

Learn To Write Winning Essays

Confidence Building

Remove Hesitation & Shyness


Learn Time Management, Team Work, and Decision Making

Be A Corporate Alpha (Age 18-25)

Resume Making

Learn To Make A Resume Shortlisted By A Recruiter


Learn How To Crack High Profile Interviews

Group Discussion

Learn The Dos & Don'ts of Corporate GDs

Digital Branding

Learn How To Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out Of The Competition

Case Study

Learn How To Know More About A Company Than The Recruiter

Soft Skills

Public Speaking, Leadership, and Confidence Building

We Are Just Awesome

We are a team of professionally trained psychologists and teachers, hand picked and led by our Founder & CEO, Mr. Adnan Siddiqui, who has been a personality trainer to the soldiers of the Defense Forces and has turned many soldiers into officers. Our curriculum is designed by the finest in the world to enable your child broaden his horizon and become the best by learning from the best.

Our Mentors

Mr. Adnan Siddiqui

Founder & CEO, Habbinson International; former Personality Trainer to the soldiers of the Defense Forces of India.

Mechanical Engineer from MIT; MBA from PUMBA, Pune University


Ms. Aisha Siddiqui

Head Child Psychologist & Teacher, Habbinson International; Specializes in identifying and bridging learning gaps in children; Teacher and mentor to hundreds of students worldwide.

B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed from Pune University

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After the course, positivity will be booming out of your child's personality and his perception towards life will change.

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